Flip Sigi Review

Long Story Short:

Flipsigi has a fun, relaxed atmosphere with great service and a reasonably priced menu. The food itself is unique in concept with a Filipino meets Mexican style, but the flavor profiles and quality of the ingredients fall short. We’d recommend it as a weekday, post work happy hour spot to get a couple drinks and quick bite with the focus being on good vibes over a culinary experience

The Full Story:

Ambiance: 8/10
As we walked into Flipsigi, we were hit with the sounds of loud 90s tunes and laughing millennials crowded into the small, beach-vibe venue. Trendy wall murals and fairy lights create a relaxed, comfortable vibe. The spot is perfect for meeting a friend, a date, or a solo food outing. Large groups beware, as seating is limited to around the bar.

Service: 10/10
The waiter behind the bar was friendly, helpful, and even willing to take a photo of us.

Food: 4/10
The adobo chicken and longanisa (Filipino sausage) tacos featured decently cooked meat on rubbery tortillas topped with crispy onion, giving each bite a nice crunch. The chicken was the star of the two, with a slightly sweet soy glaze that nicely complemented the hot sauce we poured on. The “nice buns” were smothered in a BBQ sauce that was far too sweet, which smothered the extremely fatty pork belly. Compared to our pork bun ventures in Asia, these didn’t nearly compare. The final portion of our meal was the Cali Burrito, which featured adobo chicken, seared pork belly, fries, cheese, and avocado crema. As with the tacos, the pulled chicken was tender, slightly sweet, and well-seasoned, which paired well with the saltiness of the fries and fattiness of the cheese. Our pork belly in the burrito was unfortunately pure fat, and it lacked a crispy component.

The entire menu was reasonably priced, making it easy to stay under $30 while feeling amply full. We dined on the weekend, but there is a solid happy hour Monday-Friday 3-6pm that has 2 for $5 tacos and nice buns as well as 2 for 1 drink specials.

Final Bill:

Adobo Chicken Taco: $3.50

Longanisa Taco: $3.95

Nice Buns: $4.95 each

Cali Burrito: $9.95

Total before tax/tip: $27.30

Go forth, and be frugal.

Katie and Jeremy

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