Pulsd: Your new brunch deal BFF

Quality discount websites with deals and information on free things are few and far between.  You get suckered in to entering your email address to get an alluring deal, but you might as well of sold your soul as you are soon bombarded with advertisements in your email, on your Instagram, and on facebook.  Somehow that strange deal for new shoes even creeps onto the subway platform…. The internet knows everything. 

Pulsd is a flower amongst the weeds. 

 It offers food, event, and activities discounts, but separates itself from Groupon with a calendar viewing option that includes things like “free boozy scoop of ice cream for Rum Day” and “free pizza and comedy”. I check the calendar daily to see if I can score anything good for the day…. Free is frugality at it’s finest.  

I’ve found various free events through Pulsd, but the best deals are for brunch.  Brunch is an essential New York millennial meal that can easily set you back $60 when you add the extra bacon and bottomless mimosas. And $60 for what?  A couple poached eggs on avocado toast?  A dozen eggs is $1, an avocado is $2, and a whole loaf of artisanal bread can be snagged for $4. I could easily cook you and a friend that $17 entrée for $3.50 a serving.   Alas, brunch isn’t really about the outrageously priced food, it’s about coming together with friends on the weekend to catch up and offload the weeks drama so you can head into Monday with the finger off the trigger.  

Pulsd has stellar brunch deals that look something like “$39 Gourmet Bottomless Brunch for 2.”  The deals usually include two entrees and either a carafe or bottomless brunch cocktails.  The food typically isn’t a knock your socks off culinary experience, but you aren’t there for the food; you’re there for the mimosa driven conversation.  

When looking for which deal to go with, here are a couple tips and things to look for:

  1. Is it “bottomless” or “cocktailed”?  (always read the fine print folks!!!)
  2. Check out the reviews online for service quality.  Does “bottomless” actually mean “a few hard to get fill ups of watery bloody mary”
  3. See if the restaurant focuses on dinner service rather than Brunch.  If so, it could mean the food is great, but they are simply trying to build a name for themselves in the heavily saturated brunch market. (This is what we guessed to be the case at Parish which you can read about in 30 under 30)

At the end of the day, how can you really go wrong paying $20 for lots of Bloody Marys and a stack of pancakes?  I am yet to find a wallet friendlier brunch option.

Final note: be sure to tip based on what the full bill would have been 🙂

And remember, stay frugal. 

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