Black Ant Happy Hour Review

The Blank Ant is a Mexican spot down in the East Village that has good drinks, good food, and a nice atmosphere with a patio and all.  Happy Hour runs 4-7 pm, and  while you won’t be getting $2 tacos or $3 beers, the price for the value reasonable. Margaritas are $8 down from $11/$12, and boy are they good.  The Smokey Jalapeno has a complex flavor that pairs well with the chili, salt, and sugar rim and the classic margarita is close to perfection, with the right ratio of tequila to fresh lime. If you want to get fancy, try the classic margarita with a smoky rim!  

The fish tacos feature perfectly fried swordfish with a hibiscus slaw, spicy aioli, and some hot chili. Each bite has texture, a bit of sweet, and a bit of heat.  Happy hour will set you back $10 for two tacos ($15 on the regular menu.)  They were so good we decided to try out the chicken as well, but it proved to be fairly yawn-inducing with basic flavors and no punch.  

Would we pay full price? Nope!  But it’s a perfect “nice and trendy but not too expensive” spot to meet a friend or go on a date.  Two drinks and some tacos to share will set you back around $15 a person, but be warned, it’s hard to stop at just one of the Black Ant margaritas.    

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  1. ambertacy says:

    Looks amazing! I can’t wait to go!


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