Carroll Place: Happy Hour Find!

Greenwich Village is a foodie’s dream.  From Greek, to Vietnamese, to vegan, there is a restaurant to fill whatever craving you might have whether it be a fancy dinner out or a giant piece of pizza after a night of hitting the bars. Speaking of bars…. There are some great ones! However, drinking in New York can be far from frugal, which was why we immediately followed the Happy Hour sign at Carroll Place even though we were on our way to dinner.   A pre-dinner pizza never hurt anyone and the cozy bar with dim lighting was beaconing us in. 

Please note this happy hour found as of September 27thonline is BETTER than the one we snagged!!!

Here’s the deal Monday-Friday until 7:00pm:

  • ½ price wine, beer, and well spirits.
  • $5 pizza
  • $1 meatballs
  • $2 sliders

While there is a decent draft beer list, we settled for canned beer when we were informed the drafts were still a bit warm.  I wanted an IPA, and the bar tender recommended the All Day IPA or an orange Pale Ale as an alternative.  

I said to Jeremy, “Wow I”ll hate the orange, I’ll go with the IPA.”

The slightly pretentious bar tender then informed me that I would never know unless I tried it, even though he himself couldn’t give me a flavor profile.  I conceded, took a sip, and responded, “I really don’t like it….”  Despite the odd old timey perception that women don’t like beer, I have had enough beer in my life to know what I like, but I bit my tongue and refrained from the percolating “I told you so.”  He gave me an IPA, then proceeded to sip from my rejected orange pale ale glass to try it out.  A put-on thoughtful face led to “it doesn’t taste fresh.”  I responded, “it is a pale ale not an IPA, and if it had some hops I’d be onboard.”  

Our margherita pizza was quickly served out of the impressive brick oven, and it was fine for a $7.50 pizza (the happy hour price we paid).  It had too much liquid in the marinara, but cheese on bread almost always tastes good and we were happy with it given the price.  

The total for two beers and a pizza was under $15, which is a rare find for NYC.  We will certainly be going back!

As always, stay frugal. 

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