Allset, is ANOTHER food app worth the download?

Food apps are great ways to save some money with sign up rewards, referral credits, and points for using the app.   While there are mega players like Ubereats, Seamless, Doordash, and Post Mates, more savings are often found in the smaller, lesser known apps because they are clawing to compete for your business.  What better way to take a step ahead of your competitors than lower prices?  (Why yes I do actually have an BS in Economics).

Allset is one such app, but is it worth the screen clutter and download effort?   

 Here’s how it works.  Through the app, you preorder your food so your meal is ready as soon as you sit down. You know exactly when that big bowl of curry will be served so you don’t have to worry about being late to an obligation because of snail-paced service. You can invite friends to your table so they can place their own orders, meaning you don’t have to deal with the “can we split the check?” or “can I just venmo you?” business.  This is a great #frugaltip if you are meeting a friend who orders the salmon while you get a soup, and she says “let’s just split it down the middle”.

I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was when I met a friend for a 6pm dinner at Ginger and Lemongrass.  The papaya salad was served within 5 minutes of sitting down, and the entrees came soon after.  We ordered additional drinks that were billed separately with no problem, and the experience was quite pleasant. 

A draw back, however, is that you can’t get happy hour discounts or other in store promotions on orders through the app.  Our papaya salad could have been $2 cheaper if we had ordered in the store.  For future orders,  I will certainly check out the website ahead of time to scope out potential deals.  

 Allset also has pick-up restaurant options so you can spend your lunch break eating and relaxing instead of waiting in line.  I’ve gotten a few poke bowls using this feature and I had no problems.  

Here’s where the frugality comes to play.   

You get a $10 sign up bonus, then you get $10 if a friend downloads and uses the app with your code. Note that you can only use $10 at a time, so don’t try to save up rewards to have a lavish night out.  Some restaurants will offer $3-$5 off, and the app itself often has monthly promotions such as “$3 off every day”. However, you can’t combine those promotions with your referral rewards.  

To sum it all up:


  • It’s easy to rack up referral credits.
  • If choosing to dine in, you can avoid dramas over splitting the check.
  • The app and participating restaurants often have money off promotions.
  • You don’t have to worry about bad service making you late for a later commitment. 


  • The app doesn’t show available happy hour and promotional deals at individual restaurants.
  • Allset doesn’t show restaurant reviews, so be sure to check out reviews online to avoid diners remorse. 

So is it worth a download? We think so!  You can at least use the $10 sign up bonus for an almost free lunch, delete the app, and never think about it again.

As always, stay frugal. 

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