Loreley Beer Garden: Octoberfest Must?

Loreley Beer Garden has been an elusive New York venue ever since Halloween 2017 for me.  A large group of us planned on starting at the Lower East Side spot to enjoy pumpkin kegs and seasonal cocktails.  Party City was a madhouse, so I threw together an encourageMINT costume for the night. It involved a mint colored ensemble as I cheered everyone on with positive remarks like “you can do it!”  We all met outside the beer garden, but decided to bail after 45 minutes because the line hardly moved an inch.  The night was followed by waiting in a ton of lines without getting in anywhere.  

At least I didn’t spend a penny….

Luckily there was no line on a Monday, but when we took a seat we realized why that line never moved.  What I thought would an expansive beer garden is actually an intimate patio space with picnic tables.  

Despite it being happy hour, the drinks were still expensive.  I couldn’t bring myself to pay $16 for a seasonal cocktail, so I got a $2 off draft beer that had pumpkin and cinnamon (had to stay in the fall spirit afterall). Amber and I split a sausage plate that included 3 links with sauerkraut and mash potatoes for $22.  The environment was festive with a group of girls celebrating someone’s 25th and a table of guys downing a boot of beer, and the service was quickly with friendly staff.  

But was it #worthit?

I don’t think so. The bill was too high for the quality and quanitity. 

While I was happy to finely experience the once mysterious Loreley Beer Garden,  I think there are better, cheaper fall-themed meals and drinks to be had elsewhere.  

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