Okinawa Soba Eibun

Trying new things and being adventurous is fun, but there is also something to be said for returning to old favorites.   Last contract, we hit up this little soba shop in Okinawa and loved it so much it deserved another visit.  Not to mention, Soba is one of the most famous Okinawan dishes, so it seemed like a good choice.  

We walked in and joined one of the few tables of slurping, young Okinawans enjoying hearty, hot bowls. Jeremy got the big pork bowl and I got the pork bowl with raw egg; both featured outrageously tender pork, scallions, seaweed, and soba noodles swimming in flavorful broth. The dishes had a deep, intense pork flavor making for satisfying flavors down to the last drop.

We happily ate away, reminiscing about life the last time we were sitting just one table over.    

That was before we lived together in New York, when we had no idea what the future would hold.  Being in an international relationship is daunting and tricky to navigate, especially when my life as a dancer is unpredictable to say the least.  It’s hard to know what will happen; you can either tackle life together as the stars align, or it can all fizzle out.  

Sitting there happily slurping soba was a nice indicator that the first scenario happened.  

When we finished, a nice man across from us wanted a group photo, we obliged before paying and heading out.  

Both bowls set us back $25, which is standard for Japan.  It was certainly worth the money and experience, and we’d recommend Okinawa Soba Eibun to anyone visiting Naha!

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