An Unexpected Hidden Gem of Japanese Food….

I used to always associate 7/11 with post-orthodontist Slurpees.  My family didn’t keep sugary treats around the house, so I always pounced on the “but my mouth hurts….” card to score the cold, icy beverage.  7/11s are everywhere in Japan, and they are quite different than the familiar gas station chain back state side. 

 While you can still get water, soda, basic toiletries, chips, and candy, you can also get unique Asian snacks such as wasabi peas, Pocky, and a wide variety of fish flavored “treats” that my western palate doesn’t particularly love.  If you mosey over to the cash register, you’ll find the real prize: steamed pizza buns.  Pizza and steamed buns are two of my favorite things, and combining the two is magic.  Soft pillows of dough stuffed with marinara and oozing cheese make for an insanely satisfying snack that is next level genius. 

 As to why these buns don’t exist in the United States is beyond me… perhaps that’ll be my next business venture!

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