Taipei Speakeasy

We were on the hunt for a cocktail to kick off the night, and we saw a small bar store front with retro vibes and a jar of amazing looking cookies.  Everyone was standing around debating what to do, and the woman asked “are you looking for the bar?”  She proceeded to open up a wall leading into a dark speakeasy… it was going to be a great night.

There was no menu, rather, a man asked us what we liked and the bartender got cracking on unique cocktails made to order.  They did not disappoint.  My whiskey based drink was smoky and strong with the perfect level of bitterness and a touch of sweetness.  Obviously we ordered a cookie, and it came to us warmed up on a cute plate.  It was a classic chocolate chip walnut with oozing dark chocolate and ample walnuts while not being overly sweet.  I’ll be bold enough to say it’s the best cookie I’ve had in Asia. I inquired on the recipe, and the man said Ounce was an American owned bar, and the New Yorkers in charge were sure to have a solid cookie recipe.  

The drinks were so good we ordered another round, and my classic old fashion was absolute perfection.   Given the fact our group were the only people there on a Sunday night, we got chatty with the cocktail wizard behind the bar.  While he was Taiwan born, he lived in New York for a while working at a bar called Maize, and he was being sent back to New York in 2020 to be a mixologist for the new bar Double Chicken Please.  You better believe I’ll be there!

Ounce was one of those experiences that’ll earn a spot on one of my favorite bars in the world. From the moment the wall opened into a speakeasy to the last sip of my drink, it was nothing short of an amazing experience with great drinks and even better company.  

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