Chick-fil-a vs. Bojangles: A Chicken Biscuit Showdown

Bojangles and Chick-fil-a both claim to have the best, knock your socks off, chicken and biscuit sandwich. Chick-fil-a has almost 70 years of history, and is known for its hormone and additive free chicken breast served at local, community-focused franchises.  Bojangles entered the fast food scene in 1977, priding itself with its chicken n’ biscuits and good southern food served with a smile.  

Both have become southern staples, but which reigns supreme? Luckily, both chains opened right next to each other in Staunton, Virginia right off Highway 81, so we did a taste test to find out.

Criteria #1:  The Biscuit

The Chick-fil-a biscuit is fluffy and flakey with a slightly sweet taste.  It is crumbly and doughy, which sometimes makes it a mouthful to swallow with that “I have too many saltines in my mouth” feeling.  The biscuit from Bojangles is a bit denser and heavier than Chick-fil-a with a flatter appearance and less flakiness.  As a result, it holds together with fewer crumbs (important to note if you are eating it while driving!) However, it also packs a punch of sodium that is a bit overwhelming to the palate.  

The Winner:


The Chick-fil-a biscuit tastes fresher, and the light texture with a slightly sweet taste makes it a notch above the saltier biscuit from Bojangles. 

Criteria #2: The Chicken

The Chick-fil-a patty has all-white meat that is juicy and tender while the Bojangles patty is thicker with slightly gray meat. The breading from Bojangles is jam packed with flavor and a hint of Cajun spice, and it gives the chicken biscuit a nice crunch that livens up the texture.  The Chick-fil-a meat has a lighter coating that doesn’t flake away, but there’s no texture to distinguish between the chicken and biscuit in each bite. 

The Winner:


While the Bojangles chicken has a great crunch, the meat from Chick-fil-a tastes less processed with a juicy white meat that the Bojangles sandwich lacks.

Criteria #3 Nutrition:

The Chick-fil-a sandwich has 460 calories, with 23 g of fat, 25 g of carbs, and 19 g of protein.

The Bojangles sandwich has 570 calories, with 27g of fat, 57g of carbs, and 23g of protein.

The Winner:


For those watching their waistlines, Chick-fil-a has 100 fewer calories, making it the healthier choice.

Criteria #4 Price:

Chick-fil-a is $2.75 before tax while Bojangles is $3.29, making Chick-fil-a the winner. 

And the winner is….

The tender chicken, light biscuit, lower cost, and fewer calories easily makes Chick-fil-a the winner in this breakfast biscuit showdown.  

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