Hotel Hacks: Iron Smores

Chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker paired with a healthy serving of nostalgia is what makes S’mores one of my favorite treats. Camp fires are hard to come by while living on the road, and I figured if I can make a grilled cheese with an iron, why not make a S’more!

Be warned, the step by step photos are purely education… not visual enjoyment (Confused? Don’t worry, you’ll see what I mean…. it’s safe to say I did not go to school for photography)

Step One:

Put half of the graham cracker topped with a square of chocolate in the foil, and start ironing on the graham cracker side.  Keep the iron moving for 45-60 seconds before flipping the foil over.  Iron a little less on side 2 so that the chocolate doesn’t completely melt all over the foil.  Peek in on how it’s doing and gauge how much more heat is needed depending on how the chocolate’s looking.   

Step Two:

Put the marshmallow in the foil, and give each side 20-30 seconds  

During the trial period, I attempted this step with a hairdryer. After 30 seconds, I quickly realized my patience was no match against the hair dryer.  Mission aborted.  If you have a lighter or match, that might work for step two as well!

Step Three:

Scrape the marshmallow onto the cracker to form the sandwich, and give each side another 15-20 second blast.

            Tip: If you want to get fancy, spread a bit of peanut butter on that sucker!

Step 4:

Enjoy!  This is a great, cheap treat to whip up in your hotel room!

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