4 Hot Cocoa Mix Hacks

Nothing beats curling up on the couch next to the fire place with a big mug full of delicious hot cocoa that warms up your hands and heart.   This wintry treat can be so much more than simply mix and milk.  Here are four easy hot cocoa mix hacks to liven up your food, save you some money, and even save you some calories whether you are home for the holidays or looking to elevate a free hotel breakfast buffet!

  1. Hot Chocolate Oatmeal

Give new life to plain oatmeal by simply stirring in some instant hot cocoa mix.  It’s completely fool proof and creates the illusion of going above and beyond another boring breakfast.  Take it a step further by sprinkling on mini marshmallows for an indulgent treat everyone from the kids to grandpa will love!

Looking at nutrition, a package of flavored Quaker Oatmeal is typically 160 calories composed of 2g of fat, 33 g of carbs, and 4G of protein. Non-flavored packages have 15 few grahams of carbs, which is 60 calories. Stirring in half a package of Nestle’s Hot Cocoa Mix or even sugar free cocoa mix will make for a seemingly rich, decadent treat!

2. Hot Chocolate Yogurt

This hot cocoa hack is plain and simple.  Just stir hot cocoa mix into a bowl of plain Greek yogurt for a treat that tastes deceptively indulgent for a high protein snack that will leave you feeling energized and satisfied.   It’s a treat I wish I would have discovered years ago, and all I can say is…. your welcome….

3.  Hot Chocolate Waffle          

Instead of paying $12 for a bougie brunch out, make restaurant worthy hot chocolate waffles at home or at any hotel with a waffle iron.  Simply stir hot cocoa mix right into the batter before pouring it into the greased iron.  If you have marshmallows on hand from trying out this hotel room s’more hack….  stick a couple into the microwave for 10 seconds (keep an eye on it the whole time because the marshmallows expand like crazy) and spread it onto the hot waffle. Top it off when some  graham crackers and chocolate chips for a next level breakfast.

4. Mocha

Is hotel coffee and/or Starbucks prices cramping your specialty mocha style?  Easily concoct a craft coffee beverage by mixing ¾ cups of coffee, a packet of hot chocolate mix, and a couple creamers to taste!  You’ll save $5 compared to going out for a tasty morning pick-me-up .

How do you like to use hot cocoa mix? Comment below with your ideas, tips, and tricks!

As Always, Stay Frugal.

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