Singapore Airline Food

I had a solid first impression of Singapore Airlines on my flight from Melbourne to Singapore. Jeremy and I were easily able to get new seats next to each other, the flight attendants were well dressed and polite, and the seats were comfy.  The media system had ample viewing options and we were quickly handed a menu for the flight ahead. Seemed like it’d be a smooth flight ahead.

After the seatbelt signs went off, snack one of dried peas and crackers along with a beverage was distributed.  Around an hour later, it was time for meal one.  Disaster struck as they ran out of the two entrée options, chicken and beef.  I agreed to the offered prawns and noodles, which turned out to be less than desirable.  The three, small prawns were edible, but I left behind the chunks of squid and fat noodles. There was a side dish of hard faro and a strip of chicken as well as a bland roll.  A little block of Australian cheese was certainly the best thing on the tray.

The attendant came by 5 minutes later with the chicken entrée that must have been turned down by someone seated closer to the front of the plane. My weak protests were no match for her hospitality, and I uncovered a dish of spiral noodles with little chunks of chicken covered in an alfredo sauce.  There wasn’t too much flavor apart from “rich” and “salt”, so I dug out the chicken while leaving the noodles behind.  I couldn’t shake my guilt for returning two mostly untouched entrees, and I feebly attempted to cover the remains with napkins and trash. 

The best part was a salted caramel gelato for dessert.  It was sweet, creamy, and a solid treat.  

An hour out from landing, and the final “refreshment” came rolling down the aisle.  There were two toasty options, and I went for the chicken and aioli.  It was perhaps the worst piece of airline food I have ever been served.  Opening up the two pieces of white bread revealed grey, gooey meat unfit for a cat.  It was nothing short of heinous.

Apart from the food, the flight was pleasant and went by decently fast. If you are flying Singapore Airlines, maybe buy dinner in the airport, unless you are keen on one of their delicious looking toasties…..

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