Jersey City BBQ: Hamilton Pork Review

We are meat lovers to the bone, and have recently been on the hunt for juicy, fall off the bone, smoky BBQ after bingeing the show Undercover Billionaire.  Long story short, self-made billionaire Glenn Stearns went to Eerie, PA with nothing more than $100 and a truck with the  mission of starting a business valued at $1 million in 90 days to prove the American dream is still alive.  He ended up starting a BBQ and beer restaurant, inspiring our current love of pulled pork, tender brisket, and BBQ chicken.

Hamilton Pork popped up on a map as a nearby BBQ joint, and we headed over on a chilly Thursday evening to check it out.  We were immediately impressed with the ambiance.  There was dim lighting, beerhall-esq benches, a laid back, casual vibe, and a giant American flag on the wall that was oddly fitting.  The waitress promptly came over and told us that happy hour lasts all night on Thursdays with $5 draft beer, $6 sangria, and $8 margaritas.  Jeremy’s IPA was desent, as was my margarita.  

We started with a mixed meat plate for $23 that included pulled pork, brisket, and pork belly. The pulled pork was smoky in flavor but tough in texture.  Contrastingly, the pork belly was tender without being too fatty, but lacking flavor depth while being too salty.  The brisket was the highlight, and was nice and tender with that smoky flavor you want.  What brought the meats to life were the  four homemade sauces, with the BBQ and Kung Pao  being our favorite.  On the side we ordered jalapeno cheddar cornbread, and it was sweet and spicy with the  perfect crumbly texture that wasn’t too dry.    Our only gripe was that it was a pretty small serving for $5.

Next came the tacos.  The Al Pastor was disappointing as it only had a small scoop of chewy meat.  The pulled pork taco was better, and the crunchy veggies and light sauce complimented the smoky meat.  Finally, the brussel sprout taco took the gold with perfectly charred sprouts that were slightly sweet with a bit of crunch.  At  $5 a pop, I’d recommend going in another ordering direction if you find yourself at Hamilton Pork.

Needing the full experience, we topped it off with a churro waffle ice cream sandwich.  The waffle was crispy and coated in sugar and went wonderfully with the scoop of ice cream.  It was a reasonable serving size and the perfect end of the night treat that didn’t put us in a sugar coma.  

While the food didn’t knock our socks off and was on the pricier side given the quality, we loved the atmosphere and the overall experience at Hamilton Pork.  Getting cozy with a drink and plate of meat in a dimly lit, chilled-out venue is a great way to spend a freezing cold February night.  

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  1. doesnt look too bad at all!


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