The Complete Guide to Hoboken Bagels

If you are looking for a bagel in Hoboken, congratulations, you’ve stumbled upon the right post! There are four notable bagel spots in close proximity to each other, so I did what any foodie would do: I embarked on the journey of discovering Hoboken’s Best Bagel.  

I had a metaphorical crown at hand, read to bestow onto the winner. However, in classic Katie fashion, I royally messed up the experiment.  A good, experienced food reviewer would have ordered the same thing at each place to do a proper head-to-head show down. I suppose a classic bacon, egg, and cheese on a whole wheat bagel would have been the right move. But alas, I followed my stomach and ordered the bagel creation that was calling my name in the moment. 

I desperately wanted to make a fantastic “Top 4 Bagels in Hoboken Post” to guide you towards the best culinary experience, but I simply can’t crown a winner. 

While there is no winner and no ranking, I can say that there isn’t a wrong choice. Here is my assessment of you bagel options in Hoboken, and I’ll leave it to you to crown a winner yourself.


O’Bagel is a family owned institution with five New Jersey locations serving up fresh bagels every single day.  Order one of the giant bagels with cream cheese, or opt for an exciting breakfast sandwich like the Dublin with corned beef, swiss, egg, and Russian dressing. 

We stopped by the newest Hoboken location on a Sunday morning to find a line that was going out the door. Luckily, we didn’t jump ship despite my impatient nature, and were in and out in just under 15 minutes.  Jeremy got the Watchung Warrior with Pastrami, scrambled egg, cheese, and honey Dijon mustard on a whole wheat everything bagel and I got a classic bacon, egg, and cheese on sesame.  Both were perfectly tasty and satisfying, but there was no “wow” factor, and I can’t say either knocked my socks off.

Bagels on the Hudson

Bagels on the Hudson Pastrami, Egg, and Cheese

Bagels on the Hudson is a decently sized shop on Washington Street that serves up fresh bagels with a wide variety of cream cheese and sandwich options.  The shop is a bit allusive in the fact that its history is nowhere to be found on the internet, and a google search will lead to various online ordering options and a slew of bad reviews.  The poor customer service in the verbiage Bagels on the Hudson uses to respond to criticism is quite comical, and certainly adds color to the store. 

Despite terrible reviews, we had a great bagel experience. Our sandwich with pastrami, egg, and mustard on an egg bagel was extremely tasty.  The bagel itself was doughy and fresh, and there was a hefty serving of well-seasoned pastrami that did not disappoint.   

Based on the reviews, it may be in your best culinary interest to not to get Bagels on the Hudson delivered, but if you love a good bagel sandwich as much as we do, it’s worth a stop. Plus, they are open 24/7.

JP Bagel Express

This no-frills bagel shop is conveniently located near the Hoboken Path train and it serves up freshly baked hand-rolled bagels alongside smoothies, juices, and coffee.  Our egg, sausage, and cheese on a salt bagel was quite satisfying.  The bagel had a nice, dense texture and there was ample egg that wasn’t overcooked. There could have been more cheese, but over all it was an enjoyable bagel eating experience. The small shop gets packed, but don’t let the crowd dissuade you, they pump out order fast.

Hoboken Hot Bagels

Hoboken Hot Bagels BEC

Hoboken Hot Bagels has been serving up fresh bagels since 1983, making it Hoboken’s oldest bagel institution.  It is a hole-in-the-wall, no-frills shop on Washington Street that offers your classic array of bagels, cream cheese, sandwiches, and shrink-wrapped muffins for a reasonable price. We went with a classic BEC on an everything bagel, and were pleased to find it was a reasonable $4. 

The ratio of bacon, egg, and cheese to bagel is spot on, and the addition of hot sauce took the sandwich up a notch. The bagel itself was slightly too salty and it was a bit flatter and less doughy then the other bagels on this list.  However, it was an enjoyable culinary journey, and I would certainly go back. 

To sum it all up…..

So I know I said I couldn’t give away the “best bagel” crown, I do have some trophies.

Best Egg: JP Bagel Express

Best Ingredient Ratio: Hoboken Hot Bagels

Most Convenient: JP Bagel Express

Longest Wait: O’Bagel or JP Bagel Express

Bets Bagel Texture: Bagels On Hudson

Most Exciting Menu: O’Bagel

Best Meat: Bagels on the Hudson

While the New York bagel is an iconic food item, the New Jersey bagel certainly can stand on its own. I wouldn’t say any of these shops beat Bo’s Bagels, Black Seed, or Best Bagel and Coffee, but they are certainly delicious!

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  1. i hope your hearts are in good condition that seems like quite a challenge to eat all that!


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