Bake My Day Episode 2

The Bakers:  Marisa Post and Katelyn Squicciarini

The Judge: Jeremy Hales

The Challenge: The Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie Showdown 

Here’s What Happened….

Marisa Post and Katelyn Squicciarini went head to head to see who could bake Jeremy’s day in a super sweet and slightly salty challenge as they took on a classic, quintessential dessert:

the chocolate chip cookie

Marisa went with her tried and true favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe of all time from Joy Food Sunshine that she knows like the back of her hand. She expertly mixed together the ingredients with a special addition of cinnamon as well as three types of chocolate to set them apart.  The process was smooth sailing and the cookies came out exactly as she intended… take a look!

Katelyn flexed her technical muscles and got fancy with a unique brown butter cookie from Bon Appetit. Her process had quite a few shrugged shoulders as she navigated her way through browning the butter, mixing the ingredients at the proper temperatures, and being careful to fold the dough properly. Her cookies came out looking, shall we say, a bit flat.  Take a look….

Would Marisa’s old reliable take Jeremy’s taste buds by storm or would Katelyn’s more complex recipe and process pay off?

What did Jeremy think?

And the winner is….


Stay tuned to see who who will Bake Marisa’s day next time!

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