An Insider Secret on How to Get a NYC Bottomless Brunch for Under $20

Quality discount websites with worthwhile deals are few and far between. If you see a bargain that looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Here’s what usually happens.

  1. Scenario One: You spot an awesome offer that’s something like “free box of non GMO snacks!” or “a weeks worth of meals on us!” You excitedly click through the site, crafting your box of free goodies, and then you get to the check out. Surprise! They need your credit card details. Well… you’re only paying for shipping… so you do it. You will just cancel the subscription before the end of the month. However, smart marketing managers know that you either you’ll get hooked, or that you’ll forget to unsubscribe. Somehow “free” turned into spending $300 a year on subpar snacks that pile up in your cabinet.

  1. Scenario Two: You spy an awesome coupon code. Maybe it’s a little BOGO action or a “spend $100 worth of food for $65!” scenario like you’d find on Groupon. You get dressed up and throw on a little lipstick just to arrive at an empty restaurant with bad food and some sleazy server named Paul who won’t stop coughing. There’s a reason you got $100 of sushi for $20…

What if I told you there was a discount website where you could score a bottomless brunch for less than $20 a person, no strings attached?

Katie, that’s crazy talk!!!!!

Well, let me introduce you to my ultimate brunch secret:


Pulsd is a flower amongst the weeds of discount websites offering deals on dining, fitness, and events across New York City as well as alerts on free events and giveaways. Check out the screen shot above taken on September 3rd. You can score sushi for 2 for $19, 60% off a spa day, and a free comedy show! Sounds like the perfect recipe for frugal Sunday Funday.

I’ve found out about various fun giveaways, events, and pop up experiences through the calendar feature, but the main reason I use Puld is for the brunches.

You see, I think brunch is a massive rip off….

A New York bottomless brunch will easily set you back $70 when you add the tax, tip, and extra bacon.  And $60 for what?  A couple poached eggs on avocado toast?  A dozen eggs is $1.39, an avocado is $2, and a whole loaf of artisanal bread can be snagged for $4. I could easily cook you and a friend that $17 entrée for $3.50 a serving.

However, you aren’t actually paying for the food, you’re paying for the experience. It’s not about the Eggs Benedict and breakfast quesadillas, it’s about seeing friends to offload the week and get reassurance that everyone is in the same “what am I doing with my life”, “my roommate did THIS again”, “I can’t believe my boyfriend say that” boat.  

With a Pulsd deal, you can have you Sunday Funday without killing your wallet, and it’s the only way I brunch now!

Take a look at a some of my Pulsd #wins.

  1. Fortina Pizza: $35 for 2 entrées and 90 minutes of bottomless drinks .

2. Pinks!: $29 for 2 entrées and 2 hours of bottomless drinks.

At this particular brunch, me and my brunch bunch had some drama with the waitress… check out the full review HERE.

3. Parish: $29 for 2 entrées and 4 cocktails

Get the full review of this New Orleans inspired spot HERE.


It’s important to remember that a top notch restaurant with delicious food and impeccable service isn’t going to offer 50% off it’s food. If you aren’t careful, your Sunday Funday might be an abysmal failure.

Here are my tips for finding the gems.

  1. Is it “bottomless” or “cocktailed”?  (always read the fine print folks!!!)
  2. Read online reviews and peruse their instagram.
  3. Specifically, check out the reviews online for service quality.  Does “bottomless” actually mean “two watery bloody Marys”?
  4. Ask yourself, “why are they offering this deal?” Is it off the beaten track? Is it new and trying to build hype? Is it a dinner restaurant expanding into the brunch scene? If the spot has been around for 15 years, is in a good location ,and is still trying to drum up business, chances are it won’t be good.

One more thing...

Chances are the venue is losing money in exchange for filling tables and getting hype, but your server is still doing the same amount of work. Always tip based on the pre-discounted price!

A weekend brunch can absolutely fit into your budget with Pulsd.

So go forth, be frugal, and brunch!

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  1. all i can ask is… did you finish that plate?


    1. haha I don’t think so!!!


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