Beer Paddles and Cheese Platters with a Side of Honesty Box Bread: A Guide to What to Eat on Bruny Island, Tasmania

“The Neck” on Bruny Island

Bruny Island is tiny 363-square-km landmass off the coast of southeast Tasmania that is known for it’s stunning nature with dense forests and sweeping coastal views. There is only one gas station (or petrol station as they say here Down Under) and there isn’t even a fully stocked grocery store, making for a beautiful underdeveloped oasis that is the perfect day trip out of Hobart.

Cape Queen Elizabeth Track
The Neck

I love nature and I love hiking, but no adventure is complete with a food experience!

There are only  a  handful of hospitality venues on Bruny Island, but what is there is pretty freaking delicious….

1. The Bruny Baker

The Bruny Baker

Get your carb fix and score fresh loaves of read from a retro roadside refrigerator stocked up by The Bruny Baker. All you do is select your loaf, drop your money into the slot , and head back on your  merry  way.

Our sourdough loaf was beautifully spongey with the perfect not too dense, not too light, texture.  We also sprung for a  caramel chocolate shortbread slice that had a base of flakey shortbread topped with gooey caramel and a  layer of chocolate.

I’m quite cynical and wildly distrusting of humans, and the concept of an honesty box has mystified me every since my first encounter in the Huon Valley. I am still undecided as to whether letting my guard down is a great way to  open myself up to the world of if it’s a  great way to get robbed and wind up in a ditch. The jury  is still out.

However, I’m grateful The Bruny Baker is trusting enough to gift  explorer’s with delicious bread!

2. The  Bruny Island Chocolate Company

The Bruny Island Chocolate Company is where you go on Bruny Island to get your sweet fix. It specializes in all sorts of chocolates and a wide variety of  fudges. We got the dark chocolate fudge, and while I’m not a huge fudge gal, this one was pretty delicious with a rich chocolate taste and a wonderful melt in your mouth  texture.

The Bruny Island Chocolate Co

However, I will admit that The Buny Island Chocolate Company wasn’t quite what I wanted it to be. I was hoping for a quaint, rustic shop with a case full of artisanal handmade truffles and chocolates with a Cracker Barrel meets Godiva sort of vibe.   However, it felt more like a usual run of the mill retail store, and all the products were pre-packaged.

My advice? Save your money and just bring a bar of chocolate from elsewhere.

3. The Bruny Island Cheese Company

The Bruny Island Cheese Co

There are few things that are better in life than a cheese platter with a beer paddle, and the Bruny Island Cheese Co. delivers exactly that.

We sprung for the fancy cheese platter that came with three types of cheeses, warm bread, olives, a beat slaw, and smoked salmon. I’d be lying if I said I knew what types of cheese we had, but I can say they were all delicious and undeniably fresh. I particularly fancied the hard, sharp cheese that somehow managed a creaminess while maintaining a pronounced bite.

The Bruny Island Cheese Company

The beer paddle included a honey pale ale, the Cloudy Bay I.P.A. the Light House Ale, and the Bruny Black, which is a stout. As someone who doesn’t care for light beer, I thoroughly  enjoyed the honey pale  ale. The touch of sweetness complimented the cheese to perfection. Throw some sunshine into the mix and you’ve got yourself a pretty amazing moment!

4. Get Shucked

Get Shucked Oysters

Five minutes down the road from The Bruny Island Cheese Company is Get Shucked Oysters.

For $12AUD we got 6 oysters (which is a total steal!), and I have to say they may have been the freshest oysters I’ve ever had in my life. There was an intense ocean flavor that was briny, but not overwhelming salty. The oyster slipped right down my  throat, making for an intense experience that tasted like I was actually putting the sea into a little bite and eating it.

While delicious, three each was more than enough. 

Final Thoughts….

Cape Queen Elizabeth Track

While there are a handful of Bruny Island food options, I’d highly recommend packing food, water, and snacks. Oysters, bread, chocolate, and cheese are delicious, but perhaps not the best fuel for a day of hiking and exploring. If I hadn’t have packed a big salad, the hanger would have been real!

To sum it all up…..

Bruny Island makes for the perfect day trip out of Hobart. It is quiet and peaceful with plenty of outdoor activities as well some delicious bites to be had.

We are miserable at taking photos…. here are some bloopers from our failed photoshoot with The Bruny Island Lighthouse

Looking for more day trips out of Hobart? Consider popping over to the Huon Valley!:

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  1. So cool!! Wow I love how you can pay and leave it without the owner there. I wish we lived in a world where its like that everywhere! What an awesome day and food 😋

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    1. Yeah it’s such a cool thing! I love it!!

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  2. looks awesome. heres hoping the country is all open by christmas. damn you Queensland!

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    1. Fingers crossed the recent reopenings go well!!

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