Grocery Prices in Tasmania, Australia: Frugal Living Made Easy

How much do groceries cost in Tasmania, Australia?

Well, they are pretty dang cheap if you are in Hobart!

Like everywhere else, there’s a range of different grocery stores in Tasmania with a range of difference prices.

Hill Street Grocer is pricier, think Whole Foods.

Woolsworth is midrange, think Kroger.

Coles is fairly cheap, think Food Lion

A-One Fruit Market is a one off store, think discount farmer’s market.

All in all, the reasonable grocery prices in Tasmania make my wallet happy, especially when compared to New York City (although I would give anything to shop at Trader Joe’s again…)

We usually go to Coles two times a week and pay a visit to A-One Fruit Market once a week. Here is a look into our usual shopping trip!




  • Grapes: AUD $4.50/kg = USD $1.53/lb
  • Cut watermelon: AUD $1.50/kg = USD $.53/ lb
  • Strawberries 250g: AUD $2.50 = USD $1.93
  • Tomatoes 500 gram: AUD $2.50= USD $1.93
  • Frozen blueberries: AUD $ 4 = USD $3.08


  • Bag of Carrots: AUD$1 = USD $.77
  • Chopped Kale: AUD $.40 = USD $.31 (super sale with same day expiration)
  • Mini capsicum (bell peppers!) 350 g: AUD $1.80 = USD $1.39
  • Flat mushrooms: AUD $12/kg = USD $4.20 /lb
  • Frozen Brocoli: AUD $ 2.50 = USD $1.93
  • Frozen Brussels Sprouts: AUD $ 2.35 = USD $1.81
  • Spinach (not on this receipt): AUD $5 = USD $3.85


Coles Chicken Breast
Coles Steak
  • Chicken Breast AUD $9.50/kg = USD $3.25 /lb
  • Choice Porterhouse Steak: AUD $24/kg @.64 kg (plus a quick sale!)= USD $8.39/lb: AUD $16.50 = USD $12.81
  • Eggs (not on this receipt): AUD $3.50 /dozen = USD $2.70
  • Chobani tub of Yogurt (not on this receipt)= AUD $6.50 = USD $5.01 (15% off every second week)

Dry Goods

  • Salsa: AUD $1.50 = USD $1.16
  • Almond milk 1 litre: AUD $2.00 = USD $1.54
  • Tea (10 pack): AUD $2 = USD $1.54
  • Muesli 400g: AUD $5 = $3.85
  • Mission tortilla chips 230 g: USD $2.15 = USD $1.66
  • Toilet Paper 6 pack: AUD $2.90 = USD $2.23

Thoughts, feelings, and observations….

The grocery prices at the chain Cole’s is super affordable. There are often great deals on fresh fruits and veggies because the store blasts off super sales on that product’s expiration date (such as the Kale for AUD $.40!)

The price of meat is more or less comparable to what I’m used to, but the eggs are pricer. (click here for more on eggs)

Dry good are also cheaper than what I usually pay.

A-One Fruit Market

A-One Fruit Market Receipt
A-One Fruit Market
A-One Fruit Market
A-One Fruit Market
A-One Fruit Market


  • Apples (2kg bag): AUD $3.00 = USD $2.31 (comes to USD $1.05/lb)
  • Strawberries 500 g: AUD $2.95 = USD $2.27
  • Bananas: AUD $1.46/ kg = USD $.51 /lb
  • Cherries: AUD $8.90/kg = USD $3.10 /lb


  • Broccoli (1kg bag): AUD$3.60 = USD $2.77 (comes to USD $1.26 /lb)
  • Cauliflower Head: AUD $3.30 = USD $2.54
  • Butternut Pumpkin: AUD $2.50/kg = USD $.87/lb
  • Bean Shoots 250g: AUD $2.50 = USD $1.92
  • Capsicum (red pepper): AUD $4.95/kg = USD $1.72/ lb
  • Sweet Potato: AUD $2/kg = USD $.70/lb
  • Cucumbers (wrong on the receipt…): AUD $1.80 each = USD $1.38

Thoughts, feelings, and observations….

The grocery prices in Tasmania at A-One Fruit market are exceptionally low. The fruit and pumpkin prices are particularly fantastic!

Two items that are consistently more expensive across the board are capsicum (red pepper) and cucumbers.

Final Thoughts…..

Grocery prices in Tasmania are surprisingly affordable given the fact that many of the products are local. Not to mention, even though I’ve been here for 4 months, I still get a thrill when my credit card statement in USD is almost 25% cheaper than the sticker price!

Note: groceries are more expensive in the small towns throughout Tasmania.

How do these prices stack up to your staples? I’d love to know! Comment below or shoot me an email

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8 Comments Add yours

  1. Lindsay says:

    It’s always interesting to see how the cost of groceries compares in different countries. I live in the midwest (Minnesota) and I would say that our groceries are pretty comparable to yours cost wise BUT I know that I tend to shop at the more expensive places than say Aldi or Kroger. I do that by preference because the more expensive places (Lunds & Byerlys, Whole Foods, etc.) are easier to quickly get in AND out of AND their customer service is superior to say Walmart, Aldo, or Kroger. Do you ever miss having access to certain brands of foods?? If so, which ones?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Really the biggest grocery-related thing I miss is Trader Joe’s! That’s usually my go-to grocery store. I love their products and the fact that there are always fun, new seasonal treats to try.


  2. Wow! I wish the prices were more affordable here in Boston. I shop at Whole Foods but regardless I still spend to much! Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year 🎆!


    1. When I’m home in NYC, I’m also a sucker for Whole Foods. My bill always ends up being much higher than expected because I get a bit carried away haha.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. 😆 me too! Every time!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. laskegaa says:

    Our strawberries are about exactly the same price, though they’re not that good. I but eggs from the farm and they are more expensive, $4 a dozen. I could get

    Food Lion eggs from tortured chickens for about the same as you paid. Ditto chicken filet. The steroid-raised chickens are about the same price, but Humanely raised is 4,99 a pound and not nearly as juicy! I don’t buy Porterhouse steak but I think it’s about the same. Our grapes are about $3 a pound and they reek. In summer, about like yours. Our carrots are about the same and good. I don’t buy frozen stiuff.

    Sent from my iPad



  4. Interesting seems a little cheaper than in Melbourne. Especially the fruit!


    1. Interesting!! We are actually getting ready to head up to Queensland for a couple months, and it’ll be interesting to see what the prices are like up there!


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