81 Miles of Streets and Eats Through Melbourne

My favorite method of transportation around a new city is my own two feet. I can follow my nose into a bakery, impulsively go into a random boutique selling nothing but journals, stop and marvel at street art, and change direction as I please.  It paves the way for exciting stumble upons and new adventures. Added bonus… it’s free!

With nearly 4 full days in Melbourne, I pounded pavement and covered a whopping 81.2 miles (130.5km). (Skeptics can refer to the evidence above according to my Garmin Smartwatch). My nearly 130K steps took me through various neighborhoods, as I ducked and weaved my way around interesting laneways, popped into countless restaurants, and perused the Op Shops (what they call thrift stores here down under.)

I checked out the hipster spots in Fitzroy and Brunswick, wandered the streets of Richmond,  shopped along Chapel Street, dipped my toes in the ocean at St. Kilda, hit the coffee scene of South Melbourne, and made it down every laneway of the CBD.

I roamed the iconic laneways.

I sought out the counter culture.

My exploring led me past countless political posters splattered across the walls. The bold counter-culture was invigorating. I love uncomfortable conversations and strong ideas, regardless of if I agree or disagree. The worst opinion you can have is none at all.

I ram amok through the markets.

  • Queen Victoria Market: Amazing fruit and vegetable deals, plenty of meats, and all sorts of knick knacks ranging from leather wallets to “I Love Australia” t-shirts
  • Prahran Market: The meats and veg were a bit pricey, great dining options, think “upscale rustic chic.”
  • The Rose Street Artists’ Market: A thrifters delight! Great vintage/second hand clothing for sale.
  • South Melbourne Market: My favorite of them all! Amazing food options as well as arts, crafts, clothes and items for sale.

I had some epic eats.

Hector's Deli
Hector’s Deli

1 . A beef and pickles sandwich from Hector’s Deli.

The Cookie Box
The Cookie Box

2. A New York City worthy mega cookie from The Cookie Box

3. Lebanese pizza for $1.50 from A-One Baker and a Borek for $4 from the Borek Bakehouse

4. A tiramisu cannoli from the South Melbourne Market that was one of the best cannolis I’ve ever had… just sayin’.

5.A mozzarella, tomato, pesto and nori sandwich from Nico’s Sandwich Deli

In 81 miles, I soaked in the essence of Melbourne.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. That sandwich looks amazing!!!


    1. Truly next level!


  2. and in km? Well if you walk 25,000 steps a day you can pretty much eat whatever you want I guess. Prahran market is the priciest of all the markets. but probably has the best meat too. Did you check out the Chapel street Bazaar that place is way cool!


    1. I did!!! There were so many cool and unusual things for sale!


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