Emirates Airline Food Review

After eight days in Staunton, VA, it was finally time to fly out to Australia to see Jeremy after two months of long distance. Excited is an understatement.   All that stood between uswas 36 hours of traveling…… let the saga begin.   Part One: The Airport After happily making my way to the luggage drop, the woman…

An Epic Hotel Breakfast Review

I recently hit the road on a National Tour of Christmas Wonderland to dance and spread Christmas cheer with 17 shows over a three week period. During the tour, I stayed in eight hotels as well as a week at Harrah’s Casino in Atlantic City, and you better believe I hit every single breakfast buffet in my ever going quest to frugally maximize savings!

Hotel Hacks: Iron Smores

Chocolate, marshmallow, and graham cracker paired with a healthy serving of nostalgia is what makes S’mores one of my favorite treats. Camp fires are hard to come by while living on the road, and I figured if I can make a grilled cheese with an iron, why not make a S’more!

Hotel Hacks: Iron Grilled Cheese

Thought you could only use a hotel iron for your clothes? Think again! This handy tool is the perfect appliance to take your hotel room eating up a notch, making budget dining on the road a bit tastier.

United Flight Food Review: Hong Kong to DC

My travel began at 5:30pm, as I tearfully gave Jeremy one last hug before heading to the Hong Kong Airport.  A year ago, my stubbornly single self would have laughed if someone had told me I would be crying over saying goodbye to my Australian boyfriend. What can I say, I’m a changed woman.  The cab ride…

Night-Markets: A Quintessential Taipei Experience

Taipei night markets should be a focus point on your Taipei trip. From giant chicken nuggets to foods you didn’t know existed, it’ll be a traveling food experience you don’t want to miss!

ANA Flight Food Review

I cleared out my NY room, and headed to JFK with my remaining belongings, ready for the next adventure.  As soon as I got to check-in, I got a bubbling sense of excitement to be going back to Japan.  The people are nice, polite, and helpful, a dramatic difference to the average New Yorker.  The people and…