Hotel Hacks: Iron Grilled Cheese

Thought you could only use a hotel iron for your clothes? Think again! This handy tool is the perfect appliance to take your hotel room eating up a notch, making budget dining on the road a bit tastier.

United Flight Food Review: Hong Kong to DC

My travel began at 5:30pm, as I tearfully gave Jeremy one last hug before heading to the Hong Kong Airport.  A year ago, my stubbornly single self would have laughed if someone had told me I would be crying over saying goodbye to my Australian boyfriend. What can I say, I’m a changed woman.  The cab ride…

Night-Markets: A Quintessential Taipei Experience

Taipei night markets should be a focus point on your Taipei trip. From giant chicken nuggets to foods you didn’t know existed, it’ll be a traveling food experience you don’t want to miss!

ANA Flight Food Review

I cleared out my NY room, and headed to JFK with my remaining belongings, ready for the next adventure.  As soon as I got to check-in, I got a bubbling sense of excitement to be going back to Japan.  The people are nice, polite, and helpful, a dramatic difference to the average New Yorker.  The people and…