Our Mission

We are on a quest to find the best food for the lowest prices. From romantic date night diners to going out with friends, nothing is worse than the feeling of diner’s remorse that comes with an extortionately high bill for mediocre food.  The Frugal Foodies are here to help with insider tips and tricks and hidden culinary gems because great dining experiences don’t have to break the bank. 

What are you waiting for? Get eating!

Our Story

It was September 2018.   Katie, a dancer from New York City, and Jeremy, a travel guide and surfer from Australia, ran into each other for the first time on board the Westerdam, a Holland America Cruise Line ship traveling from Alaska to Asia.  You hear about love at first sight, when your heart starts racing and palms get sweaty as everyone else in the room magically disappears.  

This was anything but that. 

They made some superficial small talk given the fact they would be on the same boat for 7 months and went on their separate ways.  

How do two stubbornly independent people who are miserable at flirting come together?  Food.  Well, food coupled with a barrage of bad puns and hour-long conversations trying to solve life’s biggest mysteries.  Katie and Jeremy sought out the best, most unique, cheapest food each port had to offer, from scorpions in China to Pho in Vietnam.   Somewhere between the spring rolls and dumplings,  a “uh oh… I kind of really like this person” started to creep in, and here we are living together in New York City.  

It sounds cliché and not too unlike a reality TV show.  Two young adults who have been unlucky in love from opposite sides of the world slowly falling for each other through epic travel adventures doing everything from climbing waterfalls in Thailand to walking through the cherry blossoms in Japan. To an outsider, it sounds like a dewy-eyed story of romance. In reality, we are just two hopelessly nerdy goof balls who love caffeine, whiskey, and good food experiences.  

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