Chew on This

I have a hungry belly and equally hungry mind. In “Chew on This”, I mull over my current curiosities with food for thought.

The Latest!:

Exploring Our Cognitive Errors: A Deep Dive Into Confirmation Bias

Confirmation bias is a devious cognitive error that gets between us and the truth. I explore the facts here.

Why the “Good” Old Days Weren’t So Good

Are modern times really that awful and was everything really better in the past? Lew Askegaard shares his insights on why the “good old days” weren’t so good after all.

My 5 Most Significant Meals of 2020

The true hallmark of a great dining experience is one that makes you smile with a fond nostalgia every time you think about it. So instead of sharing my best eats of 2020, I’m going to share with you my most significant eats. Enjoy!

Culture, Cocktails, and China

An account of a fascinating conversation I had at a bar in Beijing. We talked politics, guns, and culture, and I got the real Chinese perspective.

The Silver Lining of Covid-19

The world’s setback is offering you one of life’s most valuable assets: time. Here are 6 things you can do to turn Covid-19 from an enemy to a friend.

Is Instagram Ruining Food?

Instagram is changing the world of food one trend at time.  Outrageous concoctions of oozing, artery clogging goodness have taken over Instagram as foodies, influences, and everyone in between seek out extreme, beautiful food in the “do it for the likes” mantra.  Products like milkshakes topped with whole pieces of cake (thanks BlackTap), pizza topped with little…

The Frugal Foodies

Feeding a Hungry Mind

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