Bake My Day

What’s going on here….

The Frugal Foodies are excited to tread into new, uncharted culinary waters with an epic new competition: Bake My Day. 

If we were in an elevator (6 feet apart of course), this is how I’d pitch it:

Bake My Day is the epic sugar-filled showdown to see whose baked treats reign supreme. Two contestants will battle head to head in a confectionary challenge and anonymously send the treats to a guest judge for a blind taste test. Who will bake their day and take home the crown?  Stay tuned!

Sounds pretty fun, right?  Imagine getting two packages of (hopefully) delicious baked goods and getting to choose who Baked Your Day!  

How it started

One day I came home and followed my nose straight to the kitchen to find Jeremy baking up a storm. His chocolate chip walnut cookies were absolutely delicious, but we had a whopping 25 delicious pillows of chocolatey goodness that we couldn’t finish alone.  I speculated mailing them to my parents, then I saw a light bulb switch over Chef Hale’s unruly hair. He said, “What if we sent them to Amber, and she sent us hers for a cookie bake off?!” The idea morphed into having two parties bake a treat, and surprise a friend, neighbor, or family with them for a blind test taste. 

Voila, Bake My Day was born!

It takes a little help from your friends…

Amber Tacy, the owner of Dancers Who Lift and a baking superstar, is the right hand woman and producer through this journey. So be sure to follow her on instagram @ambertacy to see her side of the journey.

How It Works

It’s simple!

Two bakers will be given a confectionary challenge that they will whip up and mail to the guest judge. The guest judge will fill out an evaluation form and decide who Baked his/her Day! All parties involved will document their culinary journey via pictures and videos so you, the viewer, can live vicariously can be in on the journey.

The winner will be the judge for the next sugary showdown.


Bake My Day Episode 1: The Ultimate Brownie Showdown

Bake my day episode 1: The Ultimate Brownie Challenge

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