Culture, Cocktails, and China

An account of a fascinating conversation I had at a bar in Beijing. We talked politics, guns, and culture, and I got the real Chinese perspective.

Kitchen Cocktails: 5 Delicious Drinks to Cure the Quarantine Blues

There is only so much meditation and self-reflection we can do while confined in our homes before a stiff drink seems… appropriate. While I am doing my best to be grateful for the pause both professionally and personally, I am itching to get back behind a sticky, dimly lit bar serving overpriced Bud Lights to…

Is Cheese a Dessert?

“Is cheese a dessert?” This question has been a dividing topic at the end of many a meal where “cheese plate” is listed among tiramisu and key lime pie. I find the idea of cheese for dessert preposterous. Give me decadent chocolate cake, an ice cream sundae, or a cookie, not a hunk of gouda…

3 Places to Dream about while Wasting Away in Coronaville

The world is in a sticky situation. With that being said, travel costs are at an all-time low, and it can be fun to escape reality and kill time by planning a dream vacation. Here are three of all-time favorite travel experiences and some ideas for your next get away. Bangkok Songkran Water Festival Heading…

The Silver Lining of Covid-19

The world’s setback is offering you one of life’s most valuable assets: time. Here are 6 things you can do to turn Covid-19 from an enemy to a friend.

Mastering the Gig Economy

If you’ve seen someone and asked, “How did they even get that job?!”, chances are I’ve done it. The gig economy is a crazy, wild world. Here are some of my experiences, and some tips on how to do it yourself!

The Truth about Riding Elephants

This is the first Frugal Foodies post that has absolutely nothing to do with being frugal or food, but it does have something to do with being an informed traveler. I hope you enjoy and learn something new! Elephant tourism has exploded in Thailand, and tourists line up to ride the gentle giants for a…