Justice, Charity, and Chicken: What You Don’t Know About Chick-fil-A

Should you really eat more chicken? Click here to learn about where Chick-fil-A is putting it’s dollars… the answer may surprise you.

A Crust to Crust Pizza Showdown

“Let’s order pizza” is an idea that always goes over well. It’s easy to eat, great for large groups, quick to get delivered, relatively cheap, and the combination of bread, sauce, and cheese is undeniably delicious.

I have been on tour for the past 6 weeks, and pizza (or the ZA! as we renamed it) is an easy go-to in small towns when I’m exhausted after a day of traveling or a show. I’ve ordered Hungry Howies, Papa Johns, and Dominos, and weighed them up in a crust to crust battle over which one reigns supreme.