My 5 Most Significant Meals of 2020

The true hallmark of a great dining experience is one that makes you smile with a fond nostalgia every time you think about it. So instead of sharing my best eats of 2020, I’m going to share with you my most significant eats. Enjoy!

Mastering the Gig Economy

If you’ve seen someone and asked, “How did they even get that job?!”, chances are I’ve done it. The gig economy is a crazy, wild world. Here are some of my experiences, and some tips on how to do it yourself!

A Guide to Eating at Arthur Ashe Stadium

I worked the 2019 US Open at the Arthur Ashe Stadium as a brand ambassador for Chase with Two Dot Productions.  I was manning the booths and interacting with customers to promote positive brand awareness. To incentivize timeliness, being on time was rewarded with a $20 meal card for each shift.  Free is the ultimate frugal!!   With 17…