It’s Hip to Be Square: A Guide to Square Pizza Crusts

Triangles, move aside. It’s hip to be square when it comes to pizza. Here is your guide to 4 types of square crusts.

Mastering the Gig Economy

If you’ve seen someone and asked, “How did they even get that job?!”, chances are I’ve done it. The gig economy is a crazy, wild world. Here are some of my experiences, and some tips on how to do it yourself!

A Guide to Eating at Arthur Ashe Stadium

I worked the 2019 US Open at the Arthur Ashe Stadium as a brand ambassador for Chase with Two Dot Productions.  I was manning the booths and interacting with customers to promote positive brand awareness. To incentivize timeliness, being on time was rewarded with a $20 meal card for each shift.  Free is the ultimate frugal!!   With 17…