Top 5 NYC Eats of 2019

Over the summer came the birth of this blog, and we starting eating our way through NYC favorites and discovering hidden gems. After heavy debate and hours reviewing drool-worthy photos and recounting outrageous experiences, we have put together the top 5 things we ate in NYC for the first time in 2019.

Is Instagram Ruining Food?

Instagram is changing the world of food one trend at time.  Outrageous concoctions of oozing, artery clogging goodness have taken over Instagram as foodies, influences, and everyone in between seek out extreme, beautiful food in the “do it for the likes” mantra.  Products like milkshakes topped with whole pieces of cake (thanks BlackTap), pizza topped with little…

Searching for the Perfect Square

My new obsession is Sicilian Pizza.  I can’t get enough of the delicious square pizza slice topped with bubbling cheese, a sauce with a kick, and pepperoni cups. Not to mention, pizza is a great cheap eat, and even gourmet slices are usually under $5. Saving money is high on my to-do list, so when friends…

Pinks Bottomless Brunch

Our second favorite word to “free” is “bottomless”. Did Pinks hit the mark or fall short? Read about it here!