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Chasing Freedom Out of a Plane at Thai Sky Adventures

Does true freedom exist? The closest I’ve come to finding it is hopping out of a plane at Thai Sky Adventures.

5 Things to Do in Pattaya That Aren’t Shady

Pattaya is a unique city. There’s cheap hotels, cheap food, cheap experiences, and cheap massages. Sounds pretty good, right? The problem is the fact that Pattaya is perhaps the most repulsive place I have ever been in the world. Here are 5 things to do that are family friendly as well as frugal!


Okinawa Soba Eibun

Trying new things and being adventurous is fun, but there is also something to be said for returning to old favorites.   Last contract, we hit up this little soba shop in Okinawa and loved it so much it deserved another visit.  Not to mention, Soba is one of the most famous Okinawan dishes, so it seemed like…

The 4 Strangest Foods I Have Ever Eaten

“Katie will try it….” is a typical response when walking past unusual food. You see, I’m an adventure eater and quick to try anything and everything whether it flies, swims, hops, or slithers. The weirder the better! Unique foods are often linked with a culture’s customs and history, and eating what the locals eat is one of my favorite ways to connect with a foreign place.

5 Must Try Vietnamese Dishes even Picky Eaters will Love

While the food scene in South East Asia can be intimidating to tackle with odd sounding dishes and unique ingredients, the food in Vietnam is much more “user-friendly”, and some of the most popular locally made cuisine is what you’d find on a menu in a Vietnamese restaurant elsewhere in the world. Here are 5 dishes to try on your next visit to Vietnam.

Terminal 21 Food Review: Pattaya, Thailand

Terminal 21 is a massive, airport themed mall in Pattaya boasting 6 floors with hundreds of shopping and dining options.  You can find anything you need and eat whatever you’re craving while you beat the brutal Thailand heat and avoid the more unsavory pastimes Pattaya has to offer.  Jeremy and I headed to the food court,…

3 “Gateway” Hawker Foods to Try in Singapore for Non-Adventure Eaters

Singapore is a frugal foodie’s paradise with expertly cooked, astoundingly flavorful dishes for well under $6 SGD ($4.45 USD). If you are new to Asia, the food looks intimidating, but don’t let that deter you. Here are three authentic “gateway street food” dishes to try that give you a taste of authentic Singapore to ease your way in to the bustling foodie scene.

United Flight Food Review: Hong Kong to DC

My travel began at 5:30pm, as I tearfully gave Jeremy one last hug before heading to the Hong Kong Airport.  A year ago, my stubbornly single self would have laughed if someone had told me I would be crying over saying goodbye to my Australian boyfriend. What can I say, I’m a changed woman.  The cab ride…

Taipei Speakeasy

We were on the hunt for a cocktail to kick off the night, and we saw a small bar store front with retro vibes and a jar of amazing looking cookies.  Everyone was standing around debating what to do, and the woman asked “are you looking for the bar?”  She proceeded to open up a wall leading…

A Day in Kaoshiung

Kaoshiung is a vibrant city in Taiwan that has an overwhelming amount of options if you only have one day.  If you love culture, perhaps hire a car to go up to the monastery that is home to thousands of Buddhas  (be warned…. it isn’t quite an authentic experience with giant LED fake lotus flowers.)  If you love nature,…

Pineapple Pineapple, Everywhere! A Classic Taiwanese Treat

“Sweets” are quite different in Asia.  You rarely see baked good like cookies the size of your face and outrageous milk shakes topped with slices of cake. Rather, you find rice and bean based treats like mochi and taiyaki as well as pre-made short bread and dry cakey items that have just a touch of sweetness. …

An Unexpected Hidden Gem of Japanese Food….

I used to always associate 7/11 with post-orthodontist Slurpees.  My family didn’t keep sugary treats around the house, so I always pounced on the “but my mouth hurts….” card to score the cold, icy beverage.  7/11s are everywhere in Japan, and they are quite different than the familiar gas station chain back state side.   While you can…

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Flight Food Reviews:

Singapore Airline Food

I had a solid first impression of Singapore Airlines on my flight from Melbourne to Singapore. Jeremy and I were easily able to get new seats next to each other, the flight attendants were well dressed and polite, and the seats were comfy.  The media system had ample viewing options and we were quickly handed a…

Emirates Airline Food Review

After eight days in Staunton, VA, it was finally time to fly out to Australia to see Jeremy after two months of long distance. Excited is an understatement.   All that stood between uswas 36 hours of traveling…… let the saga begin.   Part One: The Airport After happily making my way to the luggage drop, the woman…

ANA Flight Food Review

I cleared out my NY room, and headed to JFK with my remaining belongings, ready for the next adventure.  As soon as I got to check-in, I got a bubbling sense of excitement to be going back to Japan.  The people are nice, polite, and helpful, a dramatic difference to the average New Yorker.  The people and…

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