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An Insider Secret on How to Get a NYC Bottomless Brunch for Under $20

Does a $20 bottomless brunch sound too good to be true? Well… think again! Here is my ultimate NYC brunch secret!!

Jersey City BBQ: Hamilton Pork Review

While the food at Hamilton Pork didn’t knock our socks off and was on the pricier side given the quality, we loved the atmosphere and the overall experience. Getting cozy with a drink and plate of meat in a dimly lit, chilled-out venue is a great way to spend a freezing cold February night.

Top 5 NYC Eats of 2019

Over the summer came the birth of this blog, and we starting eating our way through NYC favorites and discovering hidden gems. After heavy debate and hours reviewing drool-worthy photos and recounting outrageous experiences, we have put together the top 5 things we ate in NYC for the first time in 2019.

Is Instagram Ruining Food?

Instagram is changing the world of food one trend at time.  Outrageous concoctions of oozing, artery clogging goodness have taken over Instagram as foodies, influences, and everyone in between seek out extreme, beautiful food in the “do it for the likes” mantra.  Products like milkshakes topped with whole pieces of cake (thanks BlackTap), pizza topped with little…

Searching for the Perfect Square

My new obsession is Sicilian Pizza.  I can’t get enough of the delicious square pizza slice topped with bubbling cheese, a sauce with a kick, and pepperoni cups. Not to mention, pizza is a great cheap eat, and even gourmet slices are usually under $5. Saving money is high on my to-do list, so when friends…

TWA, a New Hotel Experience

Catching an early morning flight into JFK is a terrible experience. The trains are usually late, delayed, and/or running local, meaning you need to leave the house at an ungodly hour or dish out the $70+ for a cab. Both options quite frankly suck. Either you start out a trip on no sleep or you…

East Harlem Taco Crawl

South East Asia doesn’t know Mexican food.  Each port that had a “cantina” that served up something slightly resembling a taco or burrito, and the ship Mexican station was unsatisfactory to say the least with meat that looked like cat food and frozen guacamole.  Since being back in the USA, we’ve had an insatiable craving for Tex-Mex,…

Koronet, is Bigger really Better?

Saying something is larger than my head is underwhelming given the fact mine is very small.  But a slice of pizza from Koronet is about 4 times the size of my noggin, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. When I first walked into this Upper West Side pizza joint, my jaw dropped at the…

Carroll Place: Happy Hour Find!

Greenwich Village is a foodie’s dream.  From Greek, to Vietnamese, to vegan, there is a restaurant to fill whatever craving you might have whether it be a fancy dinner out or a giant piece of pizza after a night of hitting the bars. Speaking of bars…. There are some great ones! However, drinking in New York can…

Black Ant Happy Hour Review

The Blank Ant is a Mexican spot down in the East Village that has good drinks, good food, and a nice atmosphere with a patio and all.  Happy Hour runs 4-7 pm, and  while you won’t be getting $2 tacos or $3 beers, the price for the value reasonable. Margaritas are $8 down from $11/$12, and boy…

Katz Delicatessen: Worth it?

Katz Delicatessen makes just about every “Top Places to Eat in New York” list, and we finally decided to pay a visit to see if it lived up to the hype. The 1888 Jewish institution cures their own meats, and is particularly known for the pastrami, roast beef, and brisket.  Mile high sandwiches flood Instagram, but…

A Guide to Eating at Arthur Ashe Stadium

I worked the 2019 US Open at the Arthur Ashe Stadium as a brand ambassador for Chase with Two Dot Productions.  I was manning the booths and interacting with customers to promote positive brand awareness. To incentivize timeliness, being on time was rewarded with a $20 meal card for each shift.  Free is the ultimate frugal!!   With 17…

Smorgasburg: Worth the Hype?

Trendy, drool-worthy photos of food from Smorgasburg invade Instagram every summer. But is it worth the hype? We investigated and spent the $$$ and time so you don’t have too!

Mahal Kita Indian Cuisine

Groupon is a great way to get a meal under $30 for 2 in NYC, and Mahal Kita Indian Cuisine is a prime example. Check out our assessment!

Flip Sigi Review

Flipsigi has a fun, relaxed atmosphere with great service and a reasonably priced menu. The food itself is unique in concept with a Filipino meets Mexican style, but the flavor profiles and quality of the ingredients fall short.

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